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Are you a parent juggling the demands of ADHD, a full-time job, and the dreams of a side hustle? You’re not alone, nice to meet you. I’m Simon, a hyperactive (ADDer) parent of four, navigating the same challenges with a sprinkle of OCD and a dash of perfectionism.

At LifeTimeHQ, I’ve poured my experiences, insights, and lessons learned into practical advice and actions. I understand and feel the unique hurdles you also face. Let’s dive together into our treasure trove of useful insights, straight-to-the-point advice, and real-life stories that resonate with your journey. Whether you’re seeking tips to balance work and family or seeking motivation to fuel your entrepreneurial spirit, I have you covered.

Join our community of ADHD & ADD parents. Together, let’s turn our challenges into opportunities and create a lifetime of memories and successes.

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