My name is Simon, and I’m ADDer (I’m quiet hyperactive šŸ™‚), parent, 09-05 employer, entrepreneur/side hustler, perfectionist and also have OCD (a winning combination :)).
I decided to build my site and write about being ADD parent for cute kids, that working full time employer, with side hustle/entrepreneurship a side and all that connected to that.
I want to be the home for the ADHD&ADD parents like you, that working fulltime, and also trying to create a side hustling project(s). My goal to be as practical and informative as I can, to help you and me to get through this successfully.

My story

Iā€™m a parent in my 35+ age area, with 4 kids, trying hard all these years to balance family life, employment, entrepreneurship, my own projects, and life in general… along with my ADD/ADHD and OCD…
It is pretty tough, but as always, I have the belief I can do it and get through this.
So let’s get started šŸ™‚

My values

Practical and straight to the point.

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Simon - LifeTimeHQ
Simon – LifeTimeHQ

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